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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Logic versus Reason

Many people confuse Logic and Reason for one another.

The best way to think of the difference between Logic and Reason is:

Logic – Based on science that follows specific rules and is testable by critical thinking.  Computers function using logic. 

Logic = Spock (from Star Trek)

Reason – is typically derived from personal opinions or experience.  Reason is not linked to empirical proof.  Philosophers often function in the realm of reason.

            Reason = Kirk (from Star Trek)

Logic is deeply rooted in the physical world.  Logic essentially searches for measureable, tangible, visible or audible proof of in order to verify claims.  Logic is usually translatable to equations, methodology and experiments which others are able to replicate.  There is no room for personal opinions or feelings in logic. There is no room for right or wrong in logic, there is only right.

Reason is usually the result of pondering, reflecting and considering information and ideas.  The reasoning of one person may not be the same as the reasoning of another person.  Reason is often more focused on what is 'right' rather than what is correct. Every person tends to reason their own way, from their own way – the next time someone calls you unreasonable, tell them you are just reasoning your way!

What are your thoughts?  What other differences can be applied to Logic versus Reason?

How about Law and Justice?  Which is based on reason, which on logic?

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