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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smart Phones in the Class
This post is inspired by a post by C.Deverell Cromie,  In his post, Dev talks about using student's smartphones to create quizzes and perform lesson reviews among other ideas.  I believe student's phones are potentially great learning tools. 
Almost every student I work with has a smart phone (even some of the 5 year olds!).  Many of the students I tutor use their phones to translate some words during lessons.  As instructors we think they just use them for games, texting or social media; however, as my 18 year-old daughter has explained to me, there is so much more you can do with them as we all know (TED talks, research, Web 2.0 tools, etc.).
Last spring, I used Google Docs with a student.  I had her send me her drafts (rough, secondary, final) via Google Docs and I was able to make corrections and prove feedback to her very quickly.  She did all her work with her phone and I did some of my reviewing using my phone as well.  Faster, cheaper, quicker and everythinger (not an actual word, but it conveys the meaning) than having to meet in person.
Here is a link I found regarding the use of smartphones in the classroom.  I especially like the part about educational games.

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