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Monday, January 20, 2014

ELMO Visual Presenters: Old School, but still Cool!

While taking a Foundations in Adult Education Course (PIPD 3100) at Vancouver Community College, the technology that I was most impressed with was the Visualizer (aka ELMO).  I am especially in awe of the original analog versions.
I know it is old technology; however, the ability to place something on it and project an analog of it on the screen is amazing to me.  I wish we had them when I was previously a student.  ELMO devices have a variety of uses.  You are able to project pretty much anything that fits on it. 
ELMO devices also eliminate the need for making multiple copies of documents, which is good for the environment.  For example, an instructor is able to increase the size of a newspaper article and discuss it with the class rather than having to print copies for everyone.  A poetry student is able to place their poem on the ELMO and easily display it, rather than printing many copies to handout.
Being involved with technology and music reproduction over the years, there is a certain allure to the analog domain.  Digital Music sounds like something is ‘missing’ especially when it comes to soundstage (size of the aural and imaging When you create a digital representation of something, you are sampling it or reducing it to fluctuations or differences.
When you create an analogue of something, you are creating a close likeness or record, not a sample. Seeing an analogue of a porcelain figurine on a screen is more effective (and affective) than seeing a digital picture of the figurine.
Digitizing the technology of ELMO devices has made them more affordable.  They can be found for as inexpensively for $39.99 used!
Newer ELMO devices have even more uses as outlined by the video linked below.

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  1. I was impressed with this contraption when it was being mentioned on the forum. You actually seen it at work...nice! It sounds like you are fond of it?